1000 sq ft house plans 3 Bedroom Indian style

1000 sq ft house plans 3 bedroom indian style

If you’re looking to build a new house for yourself, with your spouse or significant other, without the burden of large budget bills, then this article is for you. It will give you all the design ideas that will help you to create a low cost plan for your new house. 

The best 1000 sq ft House Plans 3 Bedroom Indian style with costing, sketch design & 3D design.

If you are from India and have a plot of 1000-12000 sq ft & planning to build your 3BHK house then I suggest you read this guide where you know each and everything about it that will make you give beautiful design & save lots of money.

If you face any problem or want more design then feel free to contact us, we try our best to provide you the best design.

3 Bedroom House Plan Indian Style Single Floor Images

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25x40 house plan

25x40 house plan

Home Plan in Detail

In 1000 sqft you can construct 3 Bedroom of 12′ X 11′-6″, 1 Balcony of 10′ X 4″ , Entry gate of 5′, Stairs of 3′, Drawing room or Waiting room of  14′-6″ X 8′-6″, Passage of 4′, one Dinning room of 10′-6″ X 11′-9″, Toilet of 6’X4′-4″, One common bathroom of 6′ X 7′

3 Bedroom Outline Design in 1050 sqft


1000 sq ft House Plans 3 Bedroom sketch


Sketch Design for 3 Bedroom Home in 100 sqft


25x40 House Plan 3D

25x40 house plan 3d
1000 sq ft duplex house plan
1000 sq ft duplex house plan
1000 sq ft duplex house bedroom design
1000 sq ft duplex house bedroom design
1000 sq ft duplex house front design
1000 sq ft duplex house front design

1000 square feet House cost with 3 Bedroom Single Floor

With the help of the table, we are going to give you the estimated cost of making a 1000 sq ft house with 3 bedrooms i,e 3 bhk in 1000 sq ft.

Note: The price also varies with place, time & material quality





Final rate


Tiles & Marbels















Iron Rod



















Total Cost


So you must have a budget of 6 Lakh for Material & 6 Lakh for Designer, Engineer, Workers means if you are planning to built 3BHK in 1000 sqft then your budget must be in between 12-18 lakh.

The best time to start planning your brand new home is now. Actually, even if not building from scratch right away, at least take some time to go through this article and get a feel for what types of structures might work best in your area and on your budget. If you’re not too familiar with the plan, then you might want to start with this basic 1000 sq ft house plan.

1000 sq ft house plans are using lots of space’s each can be utilized in many different ways. This type of design gives the homeowner the flexibility to use the extra space for multiple purposes, whether be yard or gardens or storage or recreation room or even for open-plan modular kitchen and dining room.

It is important for any homeowner to think about their future situation and ways they would like to utilize all these extra spaces before deciding on any other ideas. Keeping this flexibility in mind it is advisable that you should try out other designs that suit your needs better hence saving time and money in the long run.

Any homeowner would think about the size of house plan before they decide on the floor plan.If they are looking for a big family house with big yard for their kids to play in, then it is better to go with a wide-open floor plan.

For smaller families who are looking for a cozy home that is energy efficient, then this compact design is best suited. This space saving design keeps the rooms close together while still providing you the flexibility to use the extra space provided in many ways.

The basic idea behind this design is to give you enough room so you can have your own kitchen and dining room. The new designs even allow you to have more than one bedroom if required.


The cost to construct a house of 1000 sq ft is estimated as 12 Lakh to 18 Lakh depending on material quality & location

Yes , 1000 sq ft is enough to built 3 BHK house, but if you have less than that then you need a good archetich to design your house in less space.


We had cover each & everything about “1000 sq ft house plans 3 Bedroom Indian style” if you still have any problem then contact us or comment below. This is the best 1000 sq ft House Design for Middle-Class people of India.

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