30*40 House Design Photos India

30*40 House Design Photos India

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The 30 40 House Design, A Unique Design Concept

There are so many design styles and ideas for homes these days, so it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for your needs.

The different styles that you can choose from might leave you feeling uninspired or unsure about how to move forward.

We at A Unique Design Concept believe that your home and life should reflect who you are and what you value. That’s why we offer a wide variety of design styles – from contemporary and traditional to modern and rustic – to suit any style or taste.

What is a 30X40 House Plan in India?

A 30X40 house plan is a rectangular residential layout with a front-facing width of 30 feet and depth of 40 feet. It may also be called as a “double storey house plan” or a “double height house plan”.

This kind of home is typically built on a plot that is between 330 to 450 sq ft in size, which translates to about 10,000 sq ft of floor area. The dimension ensures that the ground floor contains two bedrooms, one common bathroom, and open kitchen-dining space. The upper floor has one bedroom and another common bathroom.

pooja room design fro 30 40 room
Pooja Room Design fro 30 40 Room
30 40 HouseMain Door Design
30 40 HouseMain Door Design
30 40 House False Celling Design
30 40 House False Celling Design
30 40 house plans with car parking
30 40 House Plans with car parking
30 40 house plans west facing
30 40 house plans west facing
30 40 house plans west facing side view
30 40 House plans west facing side view

Designing a 30*40 House from Concept to Construction

This article provides an overview of the process of designing and constructing a new house.

The first step is to identify the client’s needs and desires. This includes things like budget, neighborhood, size, and style of home. Next, they will consult with architects and designers about their ideas to create a plan for the house. Architects will make drawings to show the client what their new home might look like based on their input. The designer will then work with the architect to design the space itself- including everything from furniture layouts to landscaping plans.

Once there is an approved plan for the project, construction begins by clearing any existing structures on the lot or site where building will take place.

30*40 House Pros and Cons for Your Consideration

The following is a list of both pros and cons to help you make your decision.


  • Lower mortgage payments
  • Maintaining equity in your home
  • Tax benefits (depreciation)
  • No PMI cost on your loan


  • Higher property taxes

The Best Places to Find the Best 30 40 House Designs

You may have a difficult time finding the perfect house design for your needs. Trying to find the best 30 40 house designs can be a challenge as there are so many different options.

Luckily, we have compiled a list of the best places to find the best 30*40 house designs to help you out!

Below is our list of where you should go:


  • LivProo: Provides home plans and inspiration for designing your dream home.
  • shilpkaara: Design and decorating ideas from people who’ve done it before.
  • Pinterest: Get inspired by other people’s ideas and save them for later!

In this article, you will find a basic overview of all the aspects that go into a 30×40 house design that is between the 10 to 15 Lakh price range. These include the various floor plans that are available, as well as the different styles and materials you can choose from if you are looking for something in this price range. We have also included answers to some of the most common questions about these types of houses so that they can be more.

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