East Facing House Vastu Plan 30x40 , Under Budget

East Facing House Vastu Plan

If you are from India then you definitely know about Vastu Sastra because Vastu is very much popular in India. All people try to build their house on the basis of Vastu.

According to Vastu Sastra, Home Directions are the most important thing to consider where East & North facing Houses are in high demand. People are willing to increase their budget for these two directions.

Let’s have a look at the 30×40 East Facing House Vastu Plan but you can plan any house accordingly either 30×50,45×45 etc

But before we go with our final plan let’s know some important things about east-facing houses.

Importance of East Facing House in India

We all know the value of SUN in India. In the Hindu religion, we all worship the sun we all consider the sun as a God. On the basis of this, we all think that if the direct rays of the sun come into our house then it makes our house pure & escape it from negative vibes.

And this is true as our science also says the importance of sun rays & how the morning sun rays cure us of many diseases & spread positive vibes in our surrounding. After these research we are here with the best East Facing House Vastu Plan & hope you all must follow this for the shake of sprading happyness.

30x40 East Facing House Vastu Plan

30x40 House Plan East Facing

The House construct in 30×40 will have 1 Parking Space outside the house & inside the boundaries where you can park a 4-Wheeler & 1-Two Wheeler alone with one Bicycle. Since the house is east facing meaning the entrance of the house must start from the east direction.

When you enter the House boundary you find Stairs to enter into the house & parking space on the left side.

Outside the House & Inside the Boundary, there are three things 1st parking space, a Water Tank & a Septic tank at the back of the house in the north direction.

Now let’s enter into our 30×40 house. When we enter we find the Living hall & on the left side, Pooja Room followed by Vastu design. On the left side, w find our Kitchen & at the back of our house, we find 2 big bedroom with attach bathrooms separately. Forgoing upstairs we have Stairs in the south direction after the kitchen. We also have a dining room beside the kitchen.

The house looks good & Vastu friendly surrounded by a 5-inch boundary wall & small plants. If you want to see more Vastu House designs then click here.

Now one by one we go with each and every space of our House like the Living room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Stairs etc

Main Door Vastu for East Facing House

Main Door Vastu for East Facing House

According to Our Vastu Sastra, the entrance gate of our house is not only for the entry point of people but also for negative & positive energy.

So always prefer the entrance at the east side but if not getting that then you can go with the north-east direction.

If you want a successful, Happy & stress-free life then East, North & North-East facing Entrance is the best option as your house gets positive energy from the SUN in the form of Sun rays.

The main door must be made with high-quality wood like Teak wood, Sal wood, Deodar wood, Shisham wood, etc.

Things to be considered while designing the main door according to Vastu;

  1. The main Door must open Clockwise means inside to outside.
  2. Don’t put a shoe rack outside the main door.
  3.  Don’t tie any pet beside the main door.
  4. Must use Your nameplates outside the main door
  5. Don’t use black color outside the main door.
  6. Don’t build a bathroom or Toilet near the main door.

Living Room Vastu - Expert Advice

living room vastu

Living Room is the most important thing to be considered when we design our House as per Vastu because this is a place where our Guests interact with our House & most of our activities happen in the Living room.

Note: Don’t put many things in the living room make it clutter-free.

Some things to keep in mind while designing a living room;

  1. Living should face east, north-east or north direction.
  2. Heavy Furniture like Sofa set must place in the west or south-west direction.
  3. If you want a mirror in your living room then it must be on the north wall of the living room.
  4. Electronic appliances like Television, AC, Cooler must place in the southeast section of the living room.

These are the Fourth things that must keep in mind while designing living room.

Bedroom Vastu for East Facing House

Bedroom Vastu for East Facing House

The bedroom is only placed in our whole house where our co mind & sole spend lots of time nearly around 6-8 Hours. To spread positivity in our life & for a good sleep, we must follow some Vastu in our bedroom too.

Things must be considered when designing a bedroom or master bedroom.

  1. The bedroom must be in the south-west direction
  2. Avoid to built in the north-east or south-east space of the house.
  3. The bed must be placed at the southwest corner of the bedroom.
  4. Don’t place any electronic items like AC, Cooler, Television inform of the bed.
  5. Don’t put the mirror in front of the bed.
  6. Don’t color your house with dull dark or black color, Always use light color in your bedroom.
  7. Don’t put any spiritual picture, fountain, or temple in your bedroom.
  8. Don’t use heavy bright lights in the bedroom not too dull.
  9. The bedroom should be neat & Clean 24×7.

Vastu for Kitchen by Expert

Vastu for Kitchen by Expert

In India Kitchen is considered our second temple as it satiates our hunger. 

According to Vastu Sastra if you want a positive vibe in your house then the five elements must be balanced that is Fire, Water, Air, Earth & Sky these five elements will keep you healthy & Kitchen is directly related to our Health.

Things must be considered while designing a Vastu-friendly Kitchen.

  1. Kitchen Storage must we at the south-west direction of the Kitchen
  2. Vastu says that the Fire element will be placed in the southeast direction of our Home than in the Kitchen but in some cases, it is not possible so you can place it in the north, northeast or southwest directions for a healthy life.
  3. The Wash Basin (Water Element) & Gas Stove (Fire Element) must not be placed on the same platform (rack) because these elements are opposite in nature.
  4. All Fire elements like gas Stove, Oven, Microwave etc must be placed at the southeast part of the kitchen.
  5. All the Water Elements like a washbasin, Water Purifier, etc must be placed in the north or northeast direction.

Vastu for Staircase inside House

Vastu for Staircase inside House

Putting your Staircase according to Vastu is not difficult if you follow all our steps because Stairs are the only way which connects our floor so one must follow Vastu before building a Staircase.

Always keep in mind a badly constructed staircase brings negative energy in the form of leg slips & many other accidents. So we need to take each and everything seriously like Stairs Direction, Steps, Material to built Stairs, Color, railing, etc.

Things must be considered when you designing your Staircase as per Vastu.

  1. Stairs Direction: Keep in mind that if a person climbs the stairs then he/she is moving north to south direction or East to West Direction. If you try another motion then it will be against Vastu Sastra.
  2. The Stairs Turning Position must be in the clockwise direction.
  3. Must use the Odd number of Stair Steps like 13,15,17,19,21,23 etc.
  4. Try to build low height stair steps, so that anyone can climb even a kid.

Vastu for Bathroom and Toilet

Vastu for Bathroom and Toilet

Vastu Sastra is applicable for each & every space of our house including the bathroom & toilet too. There are also certain rules & guidance for making a Vastu-friendly bathroom to decrease negative energy.

Bathroom & Toilet Vastu Guidance;

  1. The bathroom & toilet must be placed in the northwest section of a house.
  2. Don’t use a metal door like iron, Steel in the bathroom.
  3. Always use a good quality wood or Fiber door to minimize negative energy.
  4. Always lock the bathroom when no one using it, if it remains open then negative energy will spread in the entire house.
  5. Don’t put Pooja Ghar or Kitchen beside the bathroom.
  6. Don’t decorate your bathroom with religious pictures or tiles.

East Facing House Vastu Benefits

There are many advantages to buy or building east facing House as per Vastu sastra some of them are;

  1. Direct entrance of natural light directly from the sun.
  2. Wind blow from east to west or west to east means you will get natural & fresh air all the time.

East Facing House Vastu Plan with Pooja Room

We are careful while designing your Pooja Room because you need to take care of many things such as Pooja Room Color, Direction of facing, Placement in Home, Distance of bedroom, bathroom from Pooja room, and many other things.

East Facing House Vastu Plan 3d in Video


Yes, definately east facing house is good according to the Vastu Sastra & also its good scientifcaly because the SUN rays with alots of positive energy comes directly into east facing house.

According to vastu South-Facing houses are not good because of many reaseons, most people believe that lord yamraj lives in South direction.

vastu sastra Says that East facing house are better than north facing house but if you don’t believe on vastu then go for the best view & road facing house.

Definetely yes east facing windios are good because you will get natural light directly from the Sun with positive rays which comes in early morning.

At first try to choose East to West direction for the main entrance but in case not possible then go with north, or north-east direction.


Now I hope you all understand the East Facing House Vastu Plan, its benifits, design, direction, placement, etc. If still, you want to ask any questions then comment below or contact us by simply filling in your name, email, and your query.

We try our best to answer each & every question.

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Thank You.


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