What is Millwork in Interior Design

what is millwork in interior design

Millwork is the practice of decorating wooden surfaces with millinery. This could include but is not limited to, moldings, panels, boxes, and finials. The term Millwork can also be used to describe decorative wood craftsmanship in general.

Millwork is its own category of decorative woodwork as opposed to simply being a finish applied over an existing surface. It refers to finished works that are created through both shaping and constructing with the use of tools such as saws and chisels. 

Millwork is often used to enhance the overall feel of a room. Millwork is commonly used in residential and commercial spaces, as well as in public buildings, including public housing and libraries.

Although this form of craftsmanship has been present throughout history, it was not widely practiced until the late 19th century when it became a widely available hobby that individuals could pursue for personal enjoyment.

What is Millwork?

Millwork is the finishing or decorative treatment of a piece of wood.

Millwork is most often applied to exterior sheathing surfaces before other construction methods are done. It can also refer to the parts on furniture, cabinets, and doors that are made of wood that has been shaped and finished by machines. Millwork is typically polished with wax or oil to enhance its appearance.

Since wood is an organic material, it is a natural product. The millwork is finished, or “painted,” with a wood stain. Sometimes, epoxy-based stains are used to protect the wood while it dries and cures. 

In order to keep the internal structure of the wood intact throughout the drying process, quality moisture-control methods must be used in conjunction with certain finishing techniques.

Millwork Designs

Millwork Bedroom Design
Millwork Bedroom Design
Millwork Bedroom Design
Millwork Bedroom Design
Millwork Living Room Design
Millwork Living Room Design


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